Magic Mirror FAQ

What is it?

The magic mirror is a 2 way mirror with a camera behind. With infrared technology making turning the mirror into a giant touch screen.

Which can be customised it many ways to suit your event and each photo can be customised by the user.

It's the same principal as a regular photo booth it's just not enclosed. Making it a something a little different for your event.

How much is the Magic Mirror?

Prices start from;
£175 for a hour

£225 for 2 hours

£250 for 3hours

I have a number of packages available to book, there is something for everyone. Limited Print packages are cheaper!

What about Social Media upload and online album?

Wifi permitting it uploads all the photos to an online album so your able to save them to your phone or post them online instantly using the QR code on the print.

And Printing?

It prints our instantly
I can print a maximum of 6 copies at once they print out in under 90 seconds.

You can have a single photo or up to 4 on a print.

A single photo

Or the multi photos can be printed old passport style or 4 photos on a 6×4

You're cheaper than others why?

I own my mirror outright so I don't have to pay a franchise.

Its my own company so I don't have staff to pay

So I don't have to charge over the odds

Does this mean less of a service?

No my mirror has the latest technology,

Its my job so I need this work to pay my bills, not get some unenthusiastic student who just needs the cash.

So great service guaranteed!

Green Screen?

Is Available!